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Adults & Kids Ski & Snowboard Helmet In-Mould

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HardnutZ ski and snowboard helmets were born in the UK on 10th October 2010 (10.10.10.), a date considered as lucky in Chinese culture because the number 10 represents perfection or completion, according to the “I Ching”, an ancient Chinese text. The date was chosen by us as it seemed a pretty cool date, it was easy to remember and would look good on t-shirts! All our helmets have been designed for your comfort and safety but not forgetting your style. They come in 2 designs, in-mould and ABS injection moulded, and a large range of colours to suit all ages and egos. All our block colours have a fabulous, touchy-feely, rubber coating to finish them off. Happy sliding folks!

  • - Features

    Product Code: HNZ8900 000-020

    HardnutZ Men’s & Women’s In-mould Ski & Snowboard Helmet

    HardnutZ in-mould helmets are made by fusing an outer PC (Polycarbonate) shell and a shock-absorbing EPS (Expanded Poly Styrene) foam liner together in a single moulding process. In-mould helmets are therefore more lightweight and can offer a greater choice of ventilation systems but are generally more expensive due to the process involved in construction. Due to the smaller size of the vents, there is no need to cover them although the front two vents can be closed to slow down airflow. All of our in-mould helmets come finished with a smart rubber coating to add to that luxury feel.

    Technical Ski Helmet Features:

    • Lightweight In-Mould Construction
    • Rubber coated for a nice touchy-feely finish
    • 14 vents to help keep your bonce cool with 2 adjustable front vents
    • Dial-fit adjuster to ensure a proper but comfortable fit
    • Simple to adjust chin strap with comfy fleece chin pad
    • Luxury helmet liner and ear-pads. Liner is removable to allow cleaning
    • Rear goggle strap to ensure your goggs don’t go walkies on the hill
    • All fully tested to CE EN 1077:2007
    • Size Guide - Medium 54-58cm, Large 58-61cm

    Choosing your size - To choose what size helmet to order, find yourself a fabric tape measure or something similar to measure your bonce with. Taking the tape, measure around your head just above your eyebrows and ears. Getting someone to help is probably best for a more accurate reading. Once you have the size check out the sizing below...

    • Medium 54-58cms
    • Large 58-61cms

    Fitting - Getting the right fit is essential. Too tight and you may get a headache, or worse, decide to take the helmet off and not wear it! Too loose and the helmet could slip off on impact, reducing the protection or may be even causing injury. Once you have chosen the right size helmet, loosen the dial-fit adjuster and put the helmet on, making sure the front edge of the helmet is just above your eyebrows and not half way up your forehead! Next, tighten the adjuster until a comfortable but secure fit is found. To test this, lean forwards with the chin strap still undone and see if the helmet falls off. If it does, it’s too loose. Simply tighten the dial until the helmet stays put. Next do up the chinstrap and adjust to the correct length, this being loose enough to get two fingers in between the strap and the neck. Lastly put your hand on top of the helmet and rock it back and forth. The helmet should not slide across your head and your eyebrows should move up and down with the movement of the helmet. Ultimately the helmet should fit not only snuggly and comfortably but it should be secure and safe.

    Safety & Testing - Both in-mould and ABS injection snow helmets have to pass the same CE-EN1077 European safety tests. The EPS liners in both types are designed to dissipate the energy of a collision either by compacting or breaking. Sometimes this damage is invisible to the naked eye so general advice is that if your helmet takes a proper smack, you should replace it. Due to the nature of the construction of the two types of helmet, the ABS injection style helmet can be more durable and hard wearing. All of our helmets have been tested and passed by global testing company SGS.

  • + Details & Care

    Take Care of Your Products

    Surfanic recommend Nikwax aftercare products to clean and protect our products.

    Nikwax is easy to use
    It's simple to apply. For instance, for clothing just use in a washing machine on a normal wash cycle. Garments do not have to be tumble-dried to activate water repellency and there is no need to wait for a clean, wet garment to dry before waterproofing with Nikwax.

    Nikwax is safe to use
    No propellant gases, non-persistant, environmentally safe.
    Not tested on animals.
    Contains no fluorocarbons.

    Nikwax keeps you dry
    Nikwax WaterBased products offer higher concentrations of waterproofing agents than aerosol products… up to 5 times more concentrated. Nikwax doesn't require heat to activate water-repellency, unlike fluorocarbon products, therefore works even on garments that can not be tumble-dried. Prolongs the use of gear and keeps you dry and comfortable in wet weather.

    Need More Advice?

    Telephone: +44(0) 1702 560220

    Email: customer.services@surfanic.com

  • + Delivery Info

    Shipping Costs

    Delivery Method Order Value Cost
    10 - 15 Working Days
    United States Postal Service
    Under $99.99 $9.99
    $100 - $199.99 FREE
    Over $200 FREE
    3 - 4 Working Days
    Under $99.99 $29.99
    $100 - $199.99 $19.99
    Over $200 FREE

    Postage and Packaging

    Every order is shipped directly from the UK. We offer two delivery methods, the first will take 10 - 15 business days and the second using UPS takes 3-4 business days. The stated delivery period within which you will receive your order is approximate. If an item is out of stock we will contact you regarding this . All orders will be sent to the address given by you in your order.

    Any order placed outside of business hours may not be shipped until the next business day. Any orders placed outside business hours on a Friday will be dispatched on the following Monday. Please note Surfanic classify a working day as Monday-Friday 9.00am-5pm (excluding National Holidays). Deliveries may require a signature on arrival.

    If your parcel does not arrive within the time frames listed above please contact us at customer.services@surfanic.com.

    Delivery is to USA Only

    Free Postage Offer

    Free postage is available on all orders over $100. If you select this delivery method your order will be sent on a 10 - 15 business day service. As the all orders are sent from the UK your order will be sent using Roayal Mail for the UK leg and then the USPS for the USA leg of its journey. Surfanic International Ltd. reserve the right to amend this offer at any time and without notice.


    All orders are tracked so there is no need to worry about it getting lost. If you have not recieved tracking information on your despatch confirmation emails then there are two things you can do. The first is to login to your account and check to see if tracking information has been attached to your order and the second is to contact our customer services team and they will help you locate the parcel.

    Customs Fees

    Shipments form the UK to the USA come under federal import rules and regulations. This means that duties and taxes can be incurred as the parcel enters the country. Now dont panic as our system is designed to work this out and settle it on your behalf. If by some chance we make a mistake and you have to make a customs payment when you recieve your parcel please send us the proof of payment and any customs paperwork you are presented with and we will happily reimburse you.

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Ski & Snowboard Helmet In-Mould

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