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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any problems then call us direct on 164 621 74190 !


Why Choose Surfanic?

We are Surfanic. A group of boarder's free riders, designers and fun loving criminals brought together with one goal. To create a product that is high on style and performance yet low on your pocket. Why blow 300 quid on a jacket then leave yourself short for that well earned 10 euro beer !!! We believe in All Style All Substance and fully load our kit with the latest technology and features leaving nothing to chance.  From first time bambi's to seasoned pros, we've got the lot !!! We do the hard work so you can look good, feel good and most importantly wipe out with style, If you can't stand up at least your kit will.

How do I know you website is secure?

We use PayPal as our Payment Provider to give added security for you when making a purchase. We do not hold your credit card details in any form whatsoever. Any other personal details you provide are encrypted using SSL (secure socket layer) security with 128bit encryption to ensure that your details remain secure. Privacy Policy information gathered as a result of your visit, or placing an order on this site, will not be divulged to any third party except for purposes of delivering goods. To ensure that your credit, debit or charge card is not being used without your consent, we will validate name, address and other personal information supplied by you during the order process against appropriate third party databases. During security checks we may ask for additional information or documentation to help support the data you have supplied.

Where are your Terms and Conditions?

Click here to view our terms and conditions. If you have any question relating to our terms and conditions then please call us on 164 621 74190.

Shopping with Surfanic

Do you have the full range online?

Yes, we have the full Surfanic range available on the website. It shows a live stock level and updates all the time so you can see exactly what's available and we have stock of.

Am I able to order over the telephone?

Absolutely, just ring our customer service team on 164 621 74190 and we will be happy to take your order over the phone. If you do have any issues with our online payment providers then please call us on 164 621 74190

Am I able to add extra items to my order before it despatches?

We often get customers that want to add an extra pair of socks or baselayer onto their order. If you want to do this then you will need to call us on 164 621 74190.

Can I order a Gift Voucher?

At present Surfanic does not offer gift vouchers. We are looking into making this service available so stay tuned.

I had a Voucher code but I did not enter it?

Promotion codes/discount codes cannot be used retrospectively on orders and may not be redeemed for cash.

My Order is showing as cancelled or awaiting payment?

In the event that your order is showing either of the above status then its best to give us a call on 164 621 74190. Our customer service advisors will help you get it resolved there and then.

I don't know what size I need to buy, do you have a conversion chart that I can look at to help me decide?

All of the products on the site have a link that takes you through to our size chart. It's based on the dimensions of the wearer and will point you in the direction of the size that we think will fit best. Size and fit is a very personal thing, some people want a baggy fit, others a tighter. Rest assured if it's not what you are after you can always send it back for an exchange or refund.

Are all the brands available on the site the same fit and sizing? I can't decide which jacket I like most but want it to be a baggy fit.

Each brand that we sell will have a slightly different fit, take a look at the size charts on each product, this should give you the size we think will fit best.

We have just come back from our ski trip and wore Surfanic everyday. The jacket was immense and we want to write a review. Can we put this on your site?

We would love to hear the tails of your trip. You can review the product by clicking on the product page and adding a review, or you can contact us via email and we can add it to our blog. If you have any stunning photos of the slopes we would also love to see them. Makes us jealous though!


I was not home when my order was delivered, what happens?

The courier will leave you a delivery card with your package information on it. As you were out, the courier will take your package to the nearest depot or post office for you. The card they post through your letter box will tell you which post office has your order and that it is awaiting pickup or that they will re attempt delivery.

No Sign of my order?

If you have placed an order with Surfanic and have not received it within a satisfactory period then please call us on 164 621 74190 and we will assist you in tracking it down. We use a combination of courier services and encounter very few issues with deliveries.

Can I pickup my order direct from Surfanic?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept members of the public into our warehouse facility, and therefore parcels cannot be collected by hand. All orders must be despatched to an address of your choosing. Don't forget this can be a work address, so hopefully you can still find a way to get the item delivered.

Do you deliver outside of the USA?

Unfortunately Surfanic.com/us can only deliver to the USA. If you are interested in ordering from Surfanic outside of this area then please call us on 164 621 74190 and our customer support team will aid you in any way they can.

Checkout and Payments

When does my credit/debit card get charged?

Once you place an order with Surfanic you credit/debit card will be charged upon despatch of the goods.

I'm not sure of my 3D secure password, is this a problem?

Unfortunately we can only accept orders where the user completes the payment process including their 3D secure password. If you are unsure of this, we would recommend you contacting your Card issuer.

I would like to buy a new jacket from you but I don't have any access to a credit or debit card, can I send you the cash in the post?

Unfortunately not, as with all Internet transactions we need to take funds electronically to be able to complete a transaction. Are you able to visit one of our stores, as they can obviously accept cash through their tills.

Returns and Refunds

What is you Returns Policy?

Click here to view our returns policy.

Can I return an item if I don't like it?

Of course you can, we are sure that you will like your purchase, and we want you to be totally satisfied, but if it's not what you were after just send it back. We give you a free return postage label which you can use to send the goods back. Don't worry about how long you've got either, we give you a whole year to return your goods. That's all part of our 365 satisfaction guarantee.

How long do I have to return an unused item? I am aware for the next 3 weeks in Chamonix and won't be able to return the item until after that.

We want you to be totally satisfied, but if it's not what you were after just send it back. . Don't worry about how long you've got either; we give you a whole year to return your goods. That's all part of our 365 satisfaction guarantee.

How long will a Refund take?

Once goods are received back refunds can take up to 30 days. Refunds will be against your original payment method and can take 3-5 days to be appear on your account.

How long does an exchange take?

Once good are received back an exchange should happen on the same day. This is of course providing we have the exchange item in stock. If we do not then we will be in touch regarding this.

I received a faulty product what should I do?

If you receive your order and any of the goods are faulty or incorrect then please contact Surfanic on 164 621 74190 and we will arrange to have the correct goods sent out to you and exchanged immediately.

How should I send goods back to Surfanic?

Click the link in the footer of the site to view our returns policy and how you should return goods back to us

Do I have to pay a restocking charge that I have seen listed on some other websites?

Absolutely not, we are not going to charge you any additional fees if you choose to send something back.

Can I get a refund if the item is the wrong size/or not quite what I thought?

We want you to be totally satisfied, but if it's not what you were after just send it back. We give you a free return postage label, which you can use to send the goods back. Don't worry about how long you've got either; we give you a whole year to return your goods. That's all part of our 365 satisfaction guarantee.

I've just got back from 2 weeks in Salt Lake, but unfortunately the jacket I ordered wasn't quite the right size, I didn't take it with me, but I have now had it for 6 weeks, is there anything you can do?

You've had the jacket 6 weeks, so that's another 46 weeks to the return the goods. You've got a whole year so don't worry if it takes 6, 10, 30, or 51 weeks.

The item that I would like to exchange my order for is showing as out of stock, can I get a refund now and wait for the item to come back into stock?

Yes, this is no problem. Unfortunately despite our best efforts we cannot always have everything in stock. We are more than happy to issue you a refund and then you can always place a new order when the item becomes available.

I've had a Surfanic jacket for a year, but I think it may have a small fault with the inside pocket, is there any sort of guarantee? I'm sure it probably doesn't cover a jacket this old, but I thought I would ask.

You've only had the jacket a year, we think that's early days. All Surfanic products come with a 2 year guarantee. Don't forget to register your purchases at www.surfanic.com/2year to activate this guarantee.


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I'm interested in working for Surfanic, do you have any positions available?

Best thing to do is send us a CV to customer.services@surfanic.com and we can take a look.

Team up with Surfanic

I run a local dry slope, can I buy in bulk from you, as I would like to use Surfanic as the hire gear?

We would love to be able to help out with the supply of this clothing, please drop us an email at customer.service@surfanic.com.

Do you offer sponsorship opportunities?

This is something we are always on the look out for. We can't make any promises, but drop us a mail and we can certainly look into it. Email us at customer.service@surfanic.com

I run a blog site discussing the latest trends in the snow sports market. I would like to advertise your brand, do you run an affiliate scheme?

This is something we are in the process of looking into. Keep in touch and as soon as we have something up and running we can get you signed up. Sounds like a great site.

My wife and I run a small winter sports store in Aviemore, and would like to stock Surfanic, who do we need to talk to?

Please send all enquiries to customer.service@surfanic.com. We are only to pleased to talk through any opportunities that may be available.

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