• Trial and Eroor, our new ski movie and how you can get it!

    So stoked that our full movie just dropped, get it here, just click on the link below!

    Click meeeeeeeeee


  • Summer, time.

    Hey you,

    Yes you, Mr and Mrs reader, hey!

    Wondering how a skier passes a summer in London? This is how...

    Play chess against a chess master in a boxing ring with disco lights, (click pic for video)

    Well they say you never know what's going to happen in a weekend in London


    Go to ski movie premiers with other pros that are in town


    Bike 200km a week, on a 5 speed roadbike from 1965, until you finally admit that you're going to have to invest in something a little more modern.

    Fischer drink bottle too


    Go to the indoor ski dome to jib

    Jibbing with the kids


    Sail from Portsmouth to Le Havre (France) with a crew of Swedish girls


    Go to tower bridge, a festival and a football game

    Wave to the Mexican!


    And get stoked for the release of Whiteroom Productions new movie, featuring yours truly and premiering in Innsbruck on October 22nd, check out the trailer that has already clocked up over 40,000 hits on the tube

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  • Focus On... Bollé Goggles

    Bolle Ski and Snowboard Goggles

    For the third post in our 'Focus On...' series, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at our very popular Bollé Goggles!

    The Bollé Story (source

    "The Bollé story began in the small town of Oyonnax, France in 1888. There Seraphim Bollé started his company by first manufacturing combs and hair ornaments for the boxwood and horn indigenous to the region. After WWII, Bollé led the way in molding nylon to the highest standards in the world. Safety glasses and goggles were added to the Bollé line in 1950 ..... And in 1960, ski goggles were first marketed by Bollé. Leading the industry in product innovations, the Bollé family took the business from a small cottage industry to one of the world's most prominent manufacturers of premium eyewear."

    Bollé are now considered eyewear specialists all over the world for both winter and summer sports. Bollé goggles come in a huge variety of designs with different frames and lenses to suit all needs and weather conditions.

    Let's take a look at the structure of a standard Bollé goggle...

     Bolle Goggles


    Some of the most important features of a goggle are the ones for fog prevention. Sight is obviously very important when skiing or snowboarding but the cold weather can cause goggles to fog up and impair your vision. Bollé goggles are made with P80 Carbo Glass lenses which are both anti-fog and anti-scratch. They also have a double lens which works in a similar way to the double glazed windows you have at home to prevent fogging and condensation. Vents are also provided along the top of the lens to keep the air flow going and again prevent fogging. 

    Bolle Goggles



    Bollé goggles all have adjustable straps so that the goggles can be worn over and attached to helmets. The Forestay System provides a swinging outrigger that again allows the straps to fit perfectly over a helmet.


     Bolle Ski Goggles



    More vents are provided along the top of the frame to further reduce fogging and encourage air flow. For ultimate comfort the frame is cushioned with a Triple Layer Face Foam so that they fit perfectly over the contours of the face and also prevent those annoying goggle indents that seem to last for hours after taking them off!

    Lenses available range from category 0 (best for night skiing) to category 3 (ideal for bright sunny conditions) and even modulators (which are photo-chromic). A full guide to choosing the right goggle lens for you will be coming soon so stay tuned....

    Bollé even have an extensive range of children's goggles so you can kit out the whole family with affordable and reliable eyewear for your next family ski or snowboarding trip!

    Bollé goggles are available in all Surfanic stores and online here - link.

  • Welcome... Neff Sunglasses


    Neff Sunglasses


    Surfanic are excited to announce the latest brand to hit our website and selected stores, welcome... Neff. This California based sunglasses and accessories brand was launched by Shaun and Joe Neff in 2002.  Neff is an active youth accessory brand specialising in core snow and skate headwear and is supported by some of the biggest action sports athletes in the world.

    Neff is committed to having fun and bringing new vibes to the world, evident from this quote from co-founder Shaun Neff - 

    “We are like a gumball machine; spitting out endless flavors for the world to consume." 

    Neff Sunglasses at Surfanic

    Not only have Neff collaborated with massive celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5 and Scarlett Johansson, but they also organise a yearly charity initiative "Neff Hope" to raise awareness and funds to support cancer research.

    Their range of fun, colourful, high-quality, on-trend and affordable sunglasses are now available to buy online and in selected Surfanic stores.


  • Break The Safe - Win £20,000 at Xscape Milton Keynes!


    Break The Safe Competition Xscape Milton Keynes

    I don't think I have ever met someone who would say "£20,000? No thank you I'm fine." That would be crazy.

    Xscape in Milton Keynes are giving their customers the chance to win an amazing £20,000 which is currently locked up in a giant safe at the entertainment complex, which houses an indoor ski slope, bars, restaurants, a gym, a cinema, plenty of shops and even a body flying tunnel!

    Break The Safe Competition Xscape Milton Keynes

    All you have to do is make a purchase at any of the on-site stores between the 2nd and 27th June and visit the safe to guess the code. If you guess correctly, the £20,000 is yours! There is nothing to lose and a hell of a lot to win!

    So, if you're a regular shopper at our Milton Keynes Surfanic branch, make sure you stop by the safe. You have to be in it to win it as they say....

    For more information check out the Xscape website here - link.

    **Please note that Surfanic are not responsible for the running of this competition and any questions or queries should be directed to Xscape Milton Keynes.**

    Photos courtesy of Xscape Milton Keynes

  • English Slopestyle Championships 2014


    Last weekend saw the arrival of the English Slopestyle Championships 2014 at Chill Factore in Manchester, and some awesome performances from Surfanic sponsored team riders Thea Fenwick, Sam Annis, Tom Annis and Callum Wareing!

    The unstoppable Thea Fenwick stole the gold at the under 14s and came 4th overall! And big congratulations to Sam Annis for taking home a bronze medal in the under 12s and to Tom Annis for coming in 5th!

    Check out these photos from the day...

    Thea Fenwick English Slopestyle Championships 2014 photo by David Allen Thea Fenwick English Slopestyle Championships 2014 photo by David Allen
    Callum Wareing English Slopestyle Championships 2014 photo by David Allen Callum Wareing English Slopestyle Championships 2014 photo by David Allen
    Tom Annis English Slopestyle Championships 2014 photo by David Allen Tom Annis English Slopestyle Championships 2014 photo by David Allen
    Tom Annis English Slopestyle Championships 2014 photo by Craig Robinson Tom Annis English Slopestyle Championships 2014 photo by Craig Robinson
    Sam Annis English Slopestyle Championships 2014 photo by Craig Robinson Sam Annis English Slopestyle Championships 2014 photo by Craig Robinson
    English Slopestyle Championships 2014 - Surfanic Team Riders photo by Sarah Fenwick English Slopestyle Championships 2014 - The Surfanic Team Riders - photo by Sarah Fenwick
  • Bet Our Flag Is Bigger Than Your Flag...


    Surfanic World Cup Football England Flag


    Unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure you will have noticed that the World Cup has finally arrived. We at Surfanic just couldn't wait to show our enthusiasm and support. Check out the very subtle flag now adorning the roof of our Head Office! It's near impossible to miss, and I'm sure it will be a nice welcome home reminder for those returning from their holidays and landing at London Southend Airport down the road.

    We may not have won our first game but our hopes are still sky-high!

    C'mon England!


    Surfanic England Flag World Cup

  • Saltrock - The Devon Based Surfing Brand We Know You'll Love!

    SALTROCK Surfing Brand

    The story behind the brand Saltrock is incredibly inspiring. Two brothers from South Africa travelling and surfing around the world arrived in the UK back in the eighties. Falling in love with the surf and atmosphere of Cornwall they eventually started a business print-screening their own designs on to tshirts and selling them out the back of their car. Their distinctive and original designs were an instant hit with the local surfing community and business began to flourish.

    Moving on to Devon, the brand only became more succesful. These days Saltrock are known both nationally and internationally as the Devon based surf brand that has inspired passionate loyalty from surfers all over the world. Expanding from their original stock of tshirts, Saltrock now design and sell a huge range of hoodies, shorts, shirts, backpacks, phone cases, mugs and even skateboards!

    Saltrock Summer Surfwear Tshirts and Hoodies

    We at Surfanic, are extremely excited to have teamed up with such an extraordinary brand and Saltrock stock is now available to buy in all our stores and online! Catering for men, women and children there really is something for everyone.

  • Welcome... Gumbies Summer Footwear


    Gumbies Summer Footwear Flip Flops

    Surfanic are happy to announce the latest addition to our stores and website, Australian footwear brand Gumbies!

    Are you a fan of the freedom that a flip flop brings to your feet? (Wow try saying that 5 times fast). Well if so, Gumbies have got you covered with a huge range of flip flop styles and colours for men, women and kids.

    Flip flops... or slaps, zories, slops, clam diggers, thongs, whatever you want to call them, are the footwear of choice for beach dwellers everywhere and it's not hard to see why! Easy to slip on and off, let your feet breathe and are fast drying. They are the perfect choice whether you're drinking cocktails at the pool, sunbathing on the beach or taking a stroll on a sunny afternoon. Gumbies Summer Footwear Flip Flops

    If you are looking for the ultimate comfortable flip flop the Gumbies Islander Flip Flop is for you. Made from multiple layers of soft, spongy EVA with a recycled rubber outsole and a cotton canvas lining the Islander is perfectly designed to keep your feet cool and dry. If you find that flip flop toe straps rub too much, the Islander is the answer to your problem with a cotton toe strap which prevents chaffing. 

    The Islander is available in a range of colours and sizes for Men, Women and Children for only £14.99 per pair - Shop NowGumbies Summer Footwear Flip Flops

    If you're looking for a more traditional flip flop just check out the Gumbies Fish Flop. The use of springy air blown rubber and an Austomic shaped foot bed, make the Fish Flop both comfy, waterproof and durable!

    Fish Flops are available in a range of colours and sizes for Men, Women and Children for only £9.99 per pair - Shop NowGumbies Summer Footwear Flip Flops

    The Gumbies Slaps Flip Flops are simple and super affordable. Lightweight and fast drying, these flip flops are the perfect summer footwear solution to pop in your suitcase before you fly off on holiday.

    Slaps Flip Flops are available in a range of colours and sizes for Men, Women and Children for only £5.99 per pair - Shop Now

    If flip flops aren't your thing, we also stock Gumbies' very popular range of Deckmate and Dockmate shoes!

    Gumbies say... "Gumbies founder and current owner Michel Maurer has a real love for the great outdoors, and an interest in good old Aussie work boots. Understanding the importance of wearing the right shoes for the right job has been the key factor in the building of the brand ! Whether that be flip flops on the beach, a sheepskin boot to warm your feet after a good surf or a safe solid pair of boots to go walkabout in the outback!"

    Check out the Gumbies range online here - link.


  • Focus On....The Many Wonders of Buff

    Buff Multi-Functioning Headwear


    If you are an adventurer or a lover of the great outdoors then you probably already know about Buff, in fact you probably already own one....or two. If you haven’t come across a Buff before then let me explain the many wonders....

    A Buff is the perfect outdoor accessory. It can be a snood, it can be a balaclava, it can be a headband, it can be a hat, I would almost go as far as to say that it can be anything you want it to be...almost.

    The design seems so simple but the concept is amazing. Just have a look....


    Buff Multi-Functioning Headwear

    Buff Multi-Functioning Headwear

    Made from a high-performance micro-fibre material which is breathable, wind resistant and moisture wicking they are perfect for outdoor sports. Not to mention how soft they are! You can even purchase fleece lined Buffs for those particularly cold days and of course for Skiing.

    And now for the many ways you can wear one...

    Buff Multi-Functional Headwear Left to Right - Neck Warmer, Balaclava and Hat


    Buff Multi-Functional Headwear Left to Right - Headband, Pirate Style and Sahariane


    They can even be worn as wristbands, and for us ladies they can be used as a hair tie. Like I said, simple, yet amazing!

    They are available in a huge range of designs.....


    Buff Muti-Functional Headwear No, this doesn't mean that they have designs for men, women and sheep! Instead you have the choice of an Original Buff or a Wool Buff.


    And check out the ones for kids!...

    Kids Buff Multi-Finctional Headwear 

    Buff are available to buy in all Surfanic stores and on our website.

    So, how do you wear yours?....

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