• Catch us at 2014 Scottish Indoor Freestyle Championships!

    This Saturday (30th August) Snow Factor, Braehead plays host to the Scottish Indoor Freestyle Championships, organised by Snowsports Scotland with competitors from all over the UK flocking to Scotlands only indoor ski/snowboard slope. Catch Team Surfanic with all their supporters on the day and why not pop into our store for a refuel of Monster Energy and chat all things ski & snowboarding.


    We've managed to grab a copy of the park plan and here it is! Featuring some old favourites like the 'Big Blue' and their brand new park addition, a sweet Wall Ride towards the end of the run. The Wall Ride is pretty new to their park set-ups only arriving at the slope last week so why not give it a go in your practice run and try hit it big!

    catch the Facebook event here!!!>>>


    Catch you there.

  • WP and MVP Ratings – What It All Means...


    Ski Wear Waterproof and Breathability Ratings MVP WP


    Have you ever wondered what all those weird looking gadgets and pockets on your ski jacket are for? Well believe it or not, every feature has been thought out to the greatest degree to make sure that your skiing holiday is one of comfort, fun and convenience.

    Because there are so many technical features I won’t bore you with a long in depth explanation of every single one (ain’t nobody got time for that) and instead I thought I would concentrate on one feature at a time. A handy little bite-size of design knowledge if you will...

    So where to start.... well let’s start with the most important of all the features, the one that keeps you warm and dry and that’s the waterproof and breathability ratings of the fabric.

    What is WP?

    5,000 WP, 10,000 MVP... if no one has ever explained these numbers to you, how would you ever know?

    It is actually quite simple though. The WP number is an indicator of how much water pressure a jacket can withhold without the water penetrating the fabric and it is always measured in millimetres. For example, 5,000 WP means that the fabric will take 5,000mm (or 5 metres) of water pressure over a 24 hour period before the water starts to leak through. That’s a lot of water!

    How about MVP?

    The MVP rating is an indicator of how breathable the fabric is and lets you know how much water vapor (or sweat in this case!) the fabric will allow through to the outside of the jacket. This stops the sweat and moisture staying next to the skin which causes you to get cold. This one is measures in grams.  So, a 10,000 MVP jacket will allow 10,000grams of moisture vapour to disperse through approximately one square metre of fabric, and away from the body.

    Standard ratings of WP and MVP are 3K (3,000mm/3,000g), 5K, 8K, 10K, 15K and 20K, so just remember, the higher the number the better the rating.

    Isn’t it clever, how it will allow water vapour out but won’t let any water in? I’ve always thought so! This is because the size of the ‘pores’ needed to allow water vapour out are much smaller than the size of a single droplet of water.

    How clever!

  • Focus On... Bollé Goggles

    Bolle Ski and Snowboard Goggles

    For the third post in our 'Focus On...' series, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at our very popular Bollé Goggles!

    The Bollé Story (source

    "The Bollé story began in the small town of Oyonnax, France in 1888. There Seraphim Bollé started his company by first manufacturing combs and hair ornaments for the boxwood and horn indigenous to the region. After WWII, Bollé led the way in molding nylon to the highest standards in the world. Safety glasses and goggles were added to the Bollé line in 1950 ..... And in 1960, ski goggles were first marketed by Bollé. Leading the industry in product innovations, the Bollé family took the business from a small cottage industry to one of the world's most prominent manufacturers of premium eyewear."

    Bollé are now considered eyewear specialists all over the world for both winter and summer sports. Bollé goggles come in a huge variety of designs with different frames and lenses to suit all needs and weather conditions.

    Let's take a look at the structure of a standard Bollé goggle...

     Bolle Goggles


    Some of the most important features of a goggle are the ones for fog prevention. Sight is obviously very important when skiing or snowboarding but the cold weather can cause goggles to fog up and impair your vision. Bollé goggles are made with P80 Carbo Glass lenses which are both anti-fog and anti-scratch. They also have a double lens which works in a similar way to the double glazed windows you have at home to prevent fogging and condensation. Vents are also provided along the top of the lens to keep the air flow going and again prevent fogging. 

    Bolle Goggles



    Bollé goggles all have adjustable straps so that the goggles can be worn over and attached to helmets. The Forestay System provides a swinging outrigger that again allows the straps to fit perfectly over a helmet.


     Bolle Ski Goggles



    More vents are provided along the top of the frame to further reduce fogging and encourage air flow. For ultimate comfort the frame is cushioned with a Triple Layer Face Foam so that they fit perfectly over the contours of the face and also prevent those annoying goggle indents that seem to last for hours after taking them off!

    Lenses available range from category 0 (best for night skiing) to category 3 (ideal for bright sunny conditions) and even modulators (which are photo-chromic). A full guide to choosing the right goggle lens for you will be coming soon so stay tuned....

    Bollé even have an extensive range of children's goggles so you can kit out the whole family with affordable and reliable eyewear for your next family ski or snowboarding trip!

    Bollé goggles are available in all Surfanic stores and online here - link.

  • Focus On... Surfanic Luggage

    Surfanic, Luggage, Roller Bag, SuitcaseAre you off on holiday this summer? Firstly, can I go too? Secondly, are you looking for some stylish and practical luggage to take with you?

    I think it's time to introduce you to one of Surfanic's bestsellers... The Roller Bag.

    Made from the same fabrics as our ski jackets, these roller bags are durable with a waterproof coating and are surprisingly light weight. In fact, our 107 litre roller bags weigh in at just 3kg! Perfect for dealing with those pesky airport weight restrictions. It's simple, cut back on the weight of the suitcase and you can pack more shoes!

    Each 107l roller bag has a fully retractable handle which can be locked at two different heights and 4-way compression straps so that you can adjust the depth of your luggage.

    Surfanic Roller Bag

    My personal favourite feature is the 'Split Level Construction' which basically means that the roller bag is divided in to two halves with separate zip compartments. Making it much easier to organise your clothes, whether it's his and hers, damp and dry, evening and day, whatever takes your fancy. Not to mention how much time it saves when you're looking for something in a hurry. 

    Surfanic Kyber Roller Bag Luggage

    This year, for the first time, Surfanic have introduced a mini roller bag, the 40 litre Kyber Carry On! This sleek and compact bag has been specially designed to meet the size restrictions of aeroplane carry ons (20x40x50cm) even budget airlines! It is a perfect size for a weekend away and the front travel document pocket and integrated laptop sleeve make it ideal for business trips.

    Our full range of roller bags have hard-wearing poly-urethane wheels and both side and top grab handles, a feature that really comes in handy when collecting your luggage off the airport conveyor belts.

    Surfanic Kyber Roller Bag Luggage

    Whether you're jetting off on a two week luxury beach holiday to Barbados (some people have all the luck) or travelling by train for a business trip to London, Surfanic have a roller bag suitable for your needs, and available in a range of designs to suit your tastes. Also did I mention that all Surfanic roller bags are now half price? No? Well just see for yourself - link. But I'd be quick as they are flying off the shelves (Hehe geddit? Flying...sorry I couln't help myself).

    Our full range of luggage can be found both in stores and on our website now.

  • Looking For Love On The Slopes?

    Singles Night Skiing Lesson Soar Braehead GlasgowShe's really cute and funny, he's smart and handsome...but you just don't have anything in common. Sound familiar? We know that in some cases opposites attract but it really does help to have some shared interests with your 'better half.'

    Well Snow Factor at Soar Intu in Braehead is trying to solve that very problem with their new Singles Night based at their indoor snow slope. Every Wednesday evening until 25th June 2014, they are hosting their 'Discover Snow Sports' event for singles. With guidance from an expert ski instructor, a slope pass and equipment hire included, it's the perfect chance to learn how to ski or snowboard and meet some interesting new people.

    Who knows you might just meet Mr/Mrs Right and by the time the new ski season starts you could be flying off on a romantic getaway in the mountains. And if not, at least you've got yourself a fun new hobby (one of the best hobbies in the world might I add! Although we may be a bit biased about that).

    Singles Night Soar Braehead Glasgow Skiing

    Snow Factor is even recommended as one of the top dating destinations by eHarmony!

    So if you live in the Glasgow area and you're bored of trying to pick up people in your local pub, pop along on a Wednesday evening to Soar. For only £30pp it's a real bargain too!

    For more information and details on how to book click here.

  • Skiing In Sunny Southend-on-Sea?

    Surfanic Ski Wear Store Rochford / Southend

    Southend-on-Sea may seem like an unusual location for our Surfanic Factory Outlet Store, a shop packed full of hard to believe ski wear discounts, but it is in fact also home to the Surfanic Headquarters.

    Being a clearance haven, our Factory Outlet Store offers discounts and products that can’t be found on our website or at any of our other shops around the country. It may be a little hidden away but consider it a scavenger hunt with a whole host of treasures to be found.

    Not only do we sell our own technically impressive and affordable products but you can also get your hands on items from brands such as Protest, Rossignol, Head, Saloman, Atomic, Bolle, Carve, Saltrock, Buff and more!

    Our close proximity to the sunny beaches of Southend and Leigh-on-Sea, along with our summer sport and lifestyle ranges, make us a real favourite with the local watersports community.

    Surfanic Ski Wear Store Southend Rochford Essex

    Stocking everything from waterproofs to beach towels and thermals to sunglasses, Surfanic is continuously changing with the seasons. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your hands on a new ski jacket and salopettes at clearance prices in the middle of July. We know the smartest bargain hunters always shop out of season!

    Need some help understanding goggle lenses? Fancy being fitted for a new helmet? Our fully trained technical specialists and friendly staff will help you find exactly what you’re looking for, without all that high-pressure sales nonsense.

    So, if you’re sailing a yacht around Thorpe Bay, spending a day at the famous beaches of Leigh on Sea, or jetting off on your holidays from Southend Airport why not pop in and see what bargains you can pick up, we’re just down the road. And don’t forget, we offer extra special treatment for anyone who brings us a Rossi ice cream too...



  • Summertime times

    Summer in Sweden has been treating me super well, I've had time to rehab my body, hit a water ramp to learn some new tricks and start up an Instagram account. Check out this banner of my instagram page and get at me with a follow to see super arty and up to the minute images of me frothing for winter- my Instagram name is neilwilliman, because I'm so original.

    Instabangers at


    And here's a wee video of jumping on the water ramp:

    [youtube url=""""]

    Plus some pictures that I got pubished in the NZSkier magazine and NZ Snowguide magazines that were released recently:

    A cliff shifty photo of me in Austria by Rasmus Kaesman, printed in NZSkier magazine pretty much as a Fischer advert.


    This Christmas powder photo of me in Åre by Fredrik Kockum goes with a write up by my buddy Charlie Lyons about my comeback from injury and bad luck on the Freeride World Tour last year to re-qualify and put myself back in the top 30 male big mountain skiers in the world.


    Holding the Sick Bird belt buckle and my Surfanic stickered helmet at the top right of the ski news page, where my re-qualification for the FWT was announced in NZSkier.


    The pictures from the article that my friend Si Reeves and I did about ski touring the Mt Cook region (New Zealands highest national park) with my Dad, from NZ Snowguide magazine.
  • Why Wear Base Layers?


    When your skin is wet, your body can cool down up to 40 times faster! This  is why base layers are such a crucial piece of kit to any snow lover and form the foundation of the layering system (base layer, followed by mid-layer, followed by outer shell).


    The purpose of a base layer is that it keeps you warm and dry, which in turn creates comfort. This is achieved by a very specialized fabric working hard to maintain your bodies peak condition.

    Keeping you dry

    Your base layer keeps you dry by absorbing any sweat away from the skin and encouraging it to evaporate. Due to the fabrics large surface area (which is massively increased by its highly porous feature) the evaporation takes place very quickly and easily, through the mid-layer and outer shell, without even being noticed by the wearer. This system of drawing moisture away from the skin is known as 'wicking' and is very important.


    A base layer keeps you nice and warm by creating a thin layer of insulation around the body. This is achieved by trapping a small layer of warm air which feels very similar to a hug. The wicking process also plays an important role in keeping you warm, by leaving no excess moisture on the skin which, if left, will cause a severe drop in body temperature.


    Apart from the comfort a base layer provides by keeping you warm and dry, there is a huge amount of added comfort from the advanced contour fit which comes as standard with any Surfanic base layer. This promotes a perfect, snug fit whilst promoting complete freedom of movement so none of those moves of yours are hindered.

    What if a base layer is not worn?

    Your time on the slopes will be rudely interrupted by that notorious clammy feeling, which is the effects of no wicking. You shall also experience drastically lower body temperatures then your friends who wear base layers!

    Future of base layers

    Surfanic are always experimenting with different materials and features in order to prolong your time on the slopes and getting the most out of your season. Our lab geeks have collaborated the base layer with mother natures most sustainable material...bamboo!

    Benefits of Bamboo as a Performance Fabric

    Thermo control: The super-breathable nature of bamboo fabric makes it an un-rivaled  material for all round use - it keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

    Anti-static: causes a bamboo garment to sit perfectly against the skin, which is an extra valuable feature when being used for base layers.

    Antibacterial properties: Bacteria have a tough time living in a bamboo fabric so even after days and days of use, there is no bad smell!

    Sensitivity: For allergy prone skin, bamboo fabric is perfect for avoiding any flareups.

    Sustainable: Bamboos growth cycle makes it 100% sustainable without having to use any pesticides or fertilizers.

    These are just a few of the reasons why bamboo is such a great material, especially when used for base layers. Surfanic are hugely proud and excited to bring you its first line of bamboo fabric base layers in the winter season 2013 so look out for them.


    Whether your lifting weights and want to keep cool or on the slopes and want to keep warm and dry, a base layer is a crucial piece of kit to allow your body to maintain peak conditions and ultimate comfort (they also double up as a great pyjama!). If your still unsure, ask one of our dedicated staff members for all the advice you could want and need.

    Useful links

    If you are more of an internet shopper, then here are a few links which will take you directly to the correct department of the Surfanic website.

    Girls base layers

    Boys base layers

    Mens base layers

    Womens base layers

    It is super fun and easy to shop on the Surfanic website. We even eradicate the oldest internet shopping dilemma of  'what if I buy the wrong size', by including a free post returns label.

  • Norway being good to me

    So I'm working at the beautiful 'Juvet Landscape Hotel' in Valldal, Norway for a month before I move to Stockholm, to cover for my kiwi snowboard buddy Genevieve King who got the job for the summer but then broke her arm on her first day riding up here, unlucky! It's an amazing place, the weather has been great and I've been skiing in shorts, giving myself wicked tanlines haha, check out the pics with my Norwegian Freeride World Tour buddy Anne-May Slinning. Being here has reminded me that the article I wrote about our last trip here never got run in full in any magazines, maybe something to do with it having a skier and a snowboarder in the photos, where most mags just want one or the other. So my next post will be that!

    Jumping the spa last time I was here, photo by Vasco Coutinho.


    Ski touring with Anne-May my Norwegian FWT buddy, stole the photo from her Instagram feed so go 'follow' her to karma it up


    Party for Norway Day! Anne-May adding my Sickbird belt buckle to her traditional Norwegian attire.


    A montage of photos by Genevieve King from my last day touring before I left for Stockholm, and her first day back on snow since breaking her arm. She makes jewellery as well as photos and snowboarding check her out at
  • Great ending to a great season

    The last week was a lot of fun, finishing up the season in Åre, Sweden, enjoying closing week with my friends. The weather was pretty good and turned bad after closing (when we tried to go touring). Here are a couple of pics to peruse, with captions to fill in the rest of the story.

    Tove, Albin and Carl enjoying the spring conditions at the top of Östra Ravin.


    Carl enjoying the Spring conditions at the bottom of Östra Ravin.


    My girlfriends brother Fredrik Kockum sending a nice shifty off our favourite drop of the day. I was stoked to spin a 360 off it, and Tove hit it too, but neither of us waited for the camera!


    Our team for the hotdog challenge retro mogul competition, where we competed against T Hall and Philip Harlaut with mixed success. Left to right guys- Carl Lagerstedt, Ivar Svartholm, Axel Scherrer, Albin Jansson, Me and Sten Lundström. Left to right girls- Sara Hultman and Tove Kockum.


    Last run from the lift was done naked, after shotgunning a beer to get the enthusiasm up. This was a quick, and cold, thanks to the weather gods for the great season, and to our buddy Mikaela Scherrer who went down in an avalanche in Verbier in December for watching over us and keeping us safe since then.


    Tove in front of 'Storsnasen' that we were just about to tour up, weather looks good right? Photo by Fredrik Kockum.


    Fredrik and I at the top, it was a pretty sweet windy snowstorm by now.


    So Riksgränsen is the last thing on the calender now, the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships that are in the Arctic Circle in mid-may. I forgot to register for them on time so I didn't get in, but the poster for it is a picture of me from last year! Check it out it's at the top of the homepage of, here's a screenshot. And check out the new 12 din touring binding coming out from Tyrollia/Fischer next year too!

    The homepage of with me in the advert at the top, they've done some colour adjustment though, the original photo is below.


    Me sending 'Kaj's cliff' as a double at Riksgränsen last year, apparently the first time anyone has ever done that. Photo by Anna Öhlund.


    SMBC actually decided that I could have a spot after all but I had already booked a trip to go see Surfanic at the HQ in Southend, London, and I'm feeling a little burnt out on skiing at the moment anyway. Stoked, but keen for a break. Good thing I'm about to have my first summer in 6 years!


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