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    What drives us to be skiers?

    To continually risk our health, for what reward?

    If you think it's money you're looking at the wrong sport.

    Powder days, new tricks, podiums, big lines and new spots, that's what keeps us going.

    We crash on couches, borrow money, stay in airports and return favours.

    And we often think we're the first generation to live this until we learn our freeski history.

    So, what do you look forward to?

    Sights like this help


    Or powder turns with the friends


    Finding places like this is key too


    And getting turns like this


    Seeing this out the window sooths my soul


    Especially when I know it means this is coming up


    Working for it makes you appreciate it more


    And enjoy the places you end up


    I guess home is where the heart is, or the snow


    But really, at the end of the day, sharing the love, with the crew. I guess you don't have to know someone so well to be friends with them if you ski together.
    All the good photos in this blog are by Tove Kockum, the rest are by me 
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    So I got an iPhone and instagram...
    For those of you who know me well you may be surprised. So I thought I would post this video to make fun of myself. And I guess I'm now an Instagram likes whore as well so if you enjoy these words or video get at me with a follow

    [youtube url=""""]

    Or click this picture to get there, it's one of my favourite lines that I skied on our film trip in the Whistler backcountry for Whiteroom's new movie 'For a Few More Lines', and was generously donated from my freeski and film buddy Pete Oswald's website, which is also worth a look,

    Click the picture to follow me on Instagram for more pics like this! Photo of Neil Williman by Nick Kingston on Pete Oswald's camera in the Tantalus Range, BC


    The trailer for the movie comes out in the next few days so you'll get to see a bit more of this shot in it, but you'll have to wait till the premier in September to see if I stomp it...

    But for now you can read all about the Revelstoke film trip that we did in the article of mine that NZSkier just posted, check it out at

    Stay tuned for the 'For a Few More Lines Trailer'!

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