Summer, time.

Hey you,

Yes you, Mr and Mrs reader, hey!

Wondering how a skier passes a summer in London? This is how...

Play chess against a chess master in a boxing ring with disco lights, (click pic for video)

Well they say you never know what's going to happen in a weekend in London


Go to ski movie premiers with other pros that are in town


Bike 200km a week, on a 5 speed roadbike from 1965, until you finally admit that you're going to have to invest in something a little more modern.

Fischer drink bottle too


Go to the indoor ski dome to jib

Jibbing with the kids


Sail from Portsmouth to Le Havre (France) with a crew of Swedish girls


Go to tower bridge, a festival and a football game

Wave to the Mexican!


And get stoked for the release of Whiteroom Productions new movie, featuring yours truly and premiering in Innsbruck on October 22nd, check out the trailer that has already clocked up over 40,000 hits on the tube

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