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  • Saltrock - The Devon Based Surfing Brand We Know You'll Love!

    SALTROCK Surfing Brand

    The story behind the brand Saltrock is incredibly inspiring. Two brothers from South Africa travelling and surfing around the world arrived in the UK back in the eighties. Falling in love with the surf and atmosphere of Cornwall they eventually started a business print-screening their own designs on to tshirts and selling them out the back of their car. Their distinctive and original designs were an instant hit with the local surfing community and business began to flourish.

    Moving on to Devon, the brand only became more succesful. These days Saltrock are known both nationally and internationally as the Devon based surf brand that has inspired passionate loyalty from surfers all over the world. Expanding from their original stock of tshirts, Saltrock now design and sell a huge range of hoodies, shorts, shirts, backpacks, phone cases, mugs and even skateboards!

    Saltrock Summer Surfwear Tshirts and Hoodies

    We at Surfanic, are extremely excited to have teamed up with such an extraordinary brand and Saltrock stock is now available to buy in all our stores and online! Catering for men, women and children there really is something for everyone.

  • Skiing In Sunny Southend-on-Sea?

    Surfanic Ski Wear Store Rochford / Southend

    Southend-on-Sea may seem like an unusual location for our Surfanic Factory Outlet Store, a shop packed full of hard to believe ski wear discounts, but it is in fact also home to the Surfanic Headquarters.

    Being a clearance haven, our Factory Outlet Store offers discounts and products that can’t be found on our website or at any of our other shops around the country. It may be a little hidden away but consider it a scavenger hunt with a whole host of treasures to be found.

    Not only do we sell our own technically impressive and affordable products but you can also get your hands on items from brands such as Protest, Rossignol, Head, Saloman, Atomic, Bolle, Carve, Saltrock, Buff and more!

    Our close proximity to the sunny beaches of Southend and Leigh-on-Sea, along with our summer sport and lifestyle ranges, make us a real favourite with the local watersports community.

    Surfanic Ski Wear Store Southend Rochford Essex

    Stocking everything from waterproofs to beach towels and thermals to sunglasses, Surfanic is continuously changing with the seasons. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your hands on a new ski jacket and salopettes at clearance prices in the middle of July. We know the smartest bargain hunters always shop out of season!

    Need some help understanding goggle lenses? Fancy being fitted for a new helmet? Our fully trained technical specialists and friendly staff will help you find exactly what you’re looking for, without all that high-pressure sales nonsense.

    So, if you’re sailing a yacht around Thorpe Bay, spending a day at the famous beaches of Leigh on Sea, or jetting off on your holidays from Southend Airport why not pop in and see what bargains you can pick up, we’re just down the road. And don’t forget, we offer extra special treatment for anyone who brings us a Rossi ice cream too...



  • Why Wear Base Layers?


    When your skin is wet, your body can cool down up to 40 times faster! This  is why base layers are such a crucial piece of kit to any snow lover and form the foundation of the layering system (base layer, followed by mid-layer, followed by outer shell).


    The purpose of a base layer is that it keeps you warm and dry, which in turn creates comfort. This is achieved by a very specialized fabric working hard to maintain your bodies peak condition.

    Keeping you dry

    Your base layer keeps you dry by absorbing any sweat away from the skin and encouraging it to evaporate. Due to the fabrics large surface area (which is massively increased by its highly porous feature) the evaporation takes place very quickly and easily, through the mid-layer and outer shell, without even being noticed by the wearer. This system of drawing moisture away from the skin is known as 'wicking' and is very important.


    A base layer keeps you nice and warm by creating a thin layer of insulation around the body. This is achieved by trapping a small layer of warm air which feels very similar to a hug. The wicking process also plays an important role in keeping you warm, by leaving no excess moisture on the skin which, if left, will cause a severe drop in body temperature.


    Apart from the comfort a base layer provides by keeping you warm and dry, there is a huge amount of added comfort from the advanced contour fit which comes as standard with any Surfanic base layer. This promotes a perfect, snug fit whilst promoting complete freedom of movement so none of those moves of yours are hindered.

    What if a base layer is not worn?

    Your time on the slopes will be rudely interrupted by that notorious clammy feeling, which is the effects of no wicking. You shall also experience drastically lower body temperatures then your friends who wear base layers!

    Future of base layers

    Surfanic are always experimenting with different materials and features in order to prolong your time on the slopes and getting the most out of your season. Our lab geeks have collaborated the base layer with mother natures most sustainable material...bamboo!

    Benefits of Bamboo as a Performance Fabric

    Thermo control: The super-breathable nature of bamboo fabric makes it an un-rivaled  material for all round use - it keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

    Anti-static: causes a bamboo garment to sit perfectly against the skin, which is an extra valuable feature when being used for base layers.

    Antibacterial properties: Bacteria have a tough time living in a bamboo fabric so even after days and days of use, there is no bad smell!

    Sensitivity: For allergy prone skin, bamboo fabric is perfect for avoiding any flareups.

    Sustainable: Bamboos growth cycle makes it 100% sustainable without having to use any pesticides or fertilizers.

    These are just a few of the reasons why bamboo is such a great material, especially when used for base layers. Surfanic are hugely proud and excited to bring you its first line of bamboo fabric base layers in the winter season 2013 so look out for them.


    Whether your lifting weights and want to keep cool or on the slopes and want to keep warm and dry, a base layer is a crucial piece of kit to allow your body to maintain peak conditions and ultimate comfort (they also double up as a great pyjama!). If your still unsure, ask one of our dedicated staff members for all the advice you could want and need.

    Useful links

    If you are more of an internet shopper, then here are a few links which will take you directly to the correct department of the Surfanic website.

    Girls base layers

    Boys base layers

    Mens base layers

    Womens base layers

    It is super fun and easy to shop on the Surfanic website. We even eradicate the oldest internet shopping dilemma of  'what if I buy the wrong size', by including a free post returns label.

  • What do those numbers mean?

    Unsure about what the numbers describing snow gears waterproofing and breathability rating mean? This article will ensure you know everything you need to decipher the numbers so you can choose the appropriate waterproofing and breathability rating for your needs.

    Manufacturers typically describe the waterproof/breathability of each fabric by using two sets of numbers. The first number, in millimeters  (mm) represents how waterproof the fabric is. If a jacket is a 20k, or a 20,000mm fabric, then it can withstand a 1'' x 1'' square tube, 65.6 feet long, full of water placed on it and no water shall leak through the fabric. This means that a 10k (10,000mm) fabric can withstand a 1'' x 1'' square tube, 32.8 feet long full of water and a 5k (5000mm) fabric can withstand  a 1'' x 1'' square tube 16.4 feet long full of water.

    The second number represents how breathable a fabric is. This is expressed in grams and represents how much moisture vapour (warm air/sweat) can pass through one square meter of the fabric (from the inside to the outside) in 24 hours. This means, with a 20k fabric, 20,000 grams of moisture vapour (MVP) can be expelled through the breathable fabric every 24 hours, a 10k fabric can expel 10,000 grams every 24 hours and a 5k fabric can expel 5000 grams every 24 hours.

    This is an excellent system and ensures you stay dry from the inside and out whilst having fun in the snow.

    How is it done?

    waterproof/ breathability levels are achieved by a very technical and specialized combination of fabrics. The outer layer is usually composed of nylon or polyester and treated with DWR (durable water repellent). The inner layer is composed of a laminate membrane or coating made of ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene)  which is in turn protected by a thin layer of polyurethane to avoid depreciation of the fabric through means of contamination (eg, oil). The membrane has tiny holes in it, small enough to not allow any liquid water through from the outside yet big enough to allow expulsion of moisture vapour from the inside.

    Which one is right for me?

    Location is a key factor here. Clothing rated between 5k and 10k offer excellent protection and are suitable for long days on the slopes in most climates yet if you are planning a trip to any of the notorious wet spots like Canada, it is definitely  worth looking at clothing with ratings between 10k and 20k.


    At Surfanic, we want all our customers to be wearing high performing, stylish gear suitable to their needs. This is why the price difference between 5k, 10k and 20k ranges from just £5 to £20, so, whether you are wanting to save some money, or get our highest performing gear, for the wettest places on land, for a fraction extra, we have something for you.


    5k, 10k and 20k are all extremely high performance fabrics designed to keep you warm and dry from the inside and the outside, all day long. A 5k garment will be more then suitable for long days on the slopes in most climates but if you are venturing into the wetter climates, it is advisable choosing from the 10k and 20k range.

  • Washing Your Snow Gear

    At Surfanic, we make all our snow gear with ease of maintenance a high priority as to make it as easy as possible to maintain your clothing without having to buy expensive snow gear cleaners. If you have picked up a few marks on the way down to the bottom of the slope, follow these easy guidelines on washing your snow clothing in a way which will not damage the waterproof/ breathable fabric and keep it going for many seasons to come.

    The do's and do not's

    Machine wash separately
    Wash in cold water
    Use a non-biological detergent 
    Do not use fabric softener
    Do not use conditioner 
    Do not soak
    Do not wring 
    Do not use substances containing whitener or chlorine 
    Do not tumble dry 
    Do not iron
    Do not dry clean 
    Do not lay flat whilst wet
    Do not fold garment whilst wet
    Hang dry once washed
    Avoid drying in sunlight

    Follow these simple guidelines and you are free to wash your snow gear to your hearts content

  • New In Store: New Lowlife Belts

    Here at Surfanic we are pleased to announce the new range of Lowlife belts that have currently dropped in our retail and online stores.

    Born in 2001 London England, Lowlife were quickly propelled to the forefront of the accessories fashion market in a time when skater punk music and it's associated fashion were at an all time high, making the studded belt the signature bad ass accessory. Studded belts were adorned by every punk, skater, musician, tattoo artist and extreme sport enthusiast. While these subcultures have never strayed too far from the Lowlife way, the company have established themselves as a forward thinking lifestyle brand with belts now worn to be seen and not just to hold up your baggy pants.

    Come check out their mix of studded hardware belts and pop culture inspired printed designs instore and online now!

  • Quick Guide to the Difference Between Fully Taped and Critically Taped Seams

    What is seam taping?

    All snow clothing has seams i.e. where a jackets arms are connected to the bust of the jacket.

    These seams can be a cause of water leaking into your clothing when all you should be worried about is having fun.

    The way this is counteracted is, snow clothing comes with its seams either fully taped or critically taped.

    Critically taped seams

    This involves taping only some of the garments seams on the areas known by manufacturers as the common fall spots. Companies which use this method usually tape the shoulder and inner torso. Most skiers and snowboarders agree that this makes for an inadequate garment due to it ultimately not being waterproof as not all of the seams are taped.

    Fully Taped Seams

    This involves taping every seam on the garment regardless of where it is situated to ensure heavy duty water proofing. Skiers and snowboarder alike, agree that this is the only way to go when choosing critically taped or fully taped and I agree. Who wants their fun interrupted by the wet? Taping on fully taped garments does not only create an air tight seal between you and the elements, it also adds valuable strength and longevity to your gear.


    I strongly advise that if your snow gear is for the snow, fully taped is the only way to go. Luckily, most companies do a fully taped option but it will come at a price. Even more luckily.... At Surfanic we ONLY fully tape our seams with no exception so you know your getting a superior garment for no additional 'fully taped seams' cost. This is a very important feature to our gear and we are very proud of it as we know it makes your surfanic kit strong, reliable and adds to the reason why you love the snow

  • A Quick Guide to Buying Gloves at Surfanic

    A good pair of snow gloves is essential to keeping you warm and dry whilst your doing what you love. Whether your up a mountain or in the local park walking your dog, we want to ensure you choose the perfect glove or mitt to suit your every need. Here is a quick guide to help.

    Glove/mitt purpose

    Keep your hands warm and dry, protecting you from rough, abrasive edges and offering excellent grip and comfort.



    The highly specialized waterproof and breathable insert which is in all Surfanic gloves and mittens, ensures complete waterproofing and also expels condensation through its breathable membrane making sure you stay dry from the inside and the outside.

    Goggle wipe

    situated on the left thumb, this subtle rubber strip is used to wipe snow and other debris away from your goggle or glasses lens.

    Adjustable wrist strap

    This offers extra protection against those pesky elements and can be loosened to accommodate most wrist guards.

    Palm reinforcement 

    The padded palms supply high protection and cover all the crucial areas.


    Surfanic gloves have excellent flexibility which gives great control over the garment.

    Brushed fleece palm and fingers

    This finish has a super soft feel to it so when your nose needs a wipe, you can do it in luxury.

    Inner Fingers (only with mittens)

    All of the Surfanic mittens have finger inserts (matching the inside of a glove) which creates a huge amount of control over the mitt and is a great comfort feature.

    Increased grip

    The specialized material on the palm of Surfanic gloves and mitts is  designed to provide huge amounts of grip.

      Gloves Vs Mitts 

    This is an ongoing battle with no foreseeable end! The differences between the glove and the mitt is that, mitts tend to be slightly warmer yet have slightly less maneuverability  ( this is almost counteracted by the finger inserts) whereas gloves offer great control/ maneuverability yet tend to be not quite as toasty (still very warm). 


    At Surfanic, we pack all our gloves and mitts with all the technical features discussed, including high-tech waterproofing, breathability and anything else we can think of which might make your time in the snow, as fun and hassle free as possible. This allows you to only have to worry about two things...tackling the glove Vs mitt paradox and deciding which color suits the rest of your gear (people tend to match their pant color to their glove/mitt color). Traditionally, snowboarders go for mitts and skiers go for gloves. This is based on the extra control over ski poles which a glove can offer. This is a good tradition to bare in mind but ultimately, it is what you find most comfortable. Still unsure? Well, whether you are shopping online or in store, we will offer you all the help you could possibly want in order to ensure you get the perfect glove or mitt so you can go up that mountain knowing that your hands will remain warm and dry and have more gadgets then Mr Bond. That is our promise

  • A Guide to Getting to ChillFactore's Surfanic

    If you like the snow but struggle to get to Manchester Surfanic at the ChillFactore...struggle no more. This quick guide will help you get from anywhere in the UK, to the snow.

    Firstly, wherever you are in the UK, hope on a train to Manchester Piccadilly, Manchester oxford road or Manchester Victoria (there are other stations but arriving at one of these 3 will ensure virtually zero hassle once in Manchester).

    Once in Manchester, it is time to take advantage of the busiest bus route in Europe. Here is a list of bus services operating frequently from all over Manchester.

    Bus Services

    ML1 (from Stretford)

    18 (from Altrincham)

    22 (from Bolton)

    300 (from Bolton)

    68 (from Bolton)

    23/23A (from Stockport)

    100 (from Salford)

    110 (from Shudehill)

    126 (from Leigh)

    132 (from Wigan)

    247 (from Eccles)

    250 (from Piccadilly)

    x50 (from Piccadilly)

    300 (from Bolton)


    Most of these buses cost between £1 and £3.50. I advise getting a day saver which allows you to travel all day for £3.60 and is available all year round.


     All of the services discussed take between 15 minutes and 40 minutes.


     The main services are the 250 and X50 from Piccadilly. They run every 15 minutes from 6am to 1am. The rest of the services run between every 20 minutes and every 40 minutes.

    From the Trafford Center

    Once at the Trafford center bus station (which is the terminal) exit the bus station and go directly over the round about (there are traffic lights). Follow this road down which takes you on the right hand side of a large office building named SSL International. Carry on down this road and take the second exit off the round about. carry on for a further 30 seconds and you have arrived.

    Enjoy the snow and don't forget to come say hi!

  • SCUK Gathering #2 @ Sno!Zone Castleford

    We headed out for the SCUK Gathering here at Xscape this evening.

    All in all, little bit of a disappointing turnout. No more than 20 people on the slope at the same time with a small group of around 8 representing SCUK.

    It did, however, give us a sweet opportunity to hit some freestyle features without queuing for every setup. Good to see a few loyal customers representing the brand and some progressing talent.

    Even offering 20% discount to SCUK members didn't manage to get many people on the slopes.. Where are you all? Europe? Scotland? Accepting the imminent summer? Keep your skis and boards out, this is the best time to come. The snow is good, the runs aren't crowded. Whether you're a seasoned pro or itching to get started, come ride with us.

    See you on the slopes.


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